Rochelle is a gifted therapist, creator of ideas, and teacher. Her desire to help her clients beyond what was historical used in the mental health arena, pushed her to think out of the box and create a cutting edge grief technique that is beyond what months and years of regular therapy can do for a client. Being a seasoned therapist and taught the technique by Rochelle, I recognized her teaching abilities. Replicating this technique with my clients and personally seeing the difference it makes in each life, makes me appreciate even more, the drive, hard work, and willingness to be the catalyst of a new unique way to relieve the sadness with the connection to a loved one.  Los Angles, CA.


Rochelle Wright’s workshop on healing grief by using her Repair & Reattachment model is an innovative, comprehensive, user-friendly, cutting-edge two-day workshop. Rochelle lays down the roadmap so clearly you can take it straight from the classroom to your office.  Vancouver, BC


Very informative, I gained some wonderful insights about the other side and even some goals my father wants me to accomplish.   New York.


This was the most personally and professionally impacting workshop/training I have ever attended. Thank you!  Maine.


Rochelle is amazingly creative, a great teacher and therapist. Missouri.


Excellent and very effective method. I cleared a lot of grief from my mind.  Oregon


Thank you, Rochelle, for the courage to put out into the universe this leading edge grief therapy as a way for healing on both sides!  Florida.