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Rochelle Wright is a licensed mental health counselor, licensed chemical dependency professional, national certified counselor, EMDR certified therapist, and designer and psychotherapist of the Guided Afterlife Connections method. She has been a grief and trauma psychotherapist for 23 years.


There is no death, only
a change of worlds.

Chief Seattle (c. 1780-1866)

Rochelle's Interviews

Interview on Joan Newcomb's Radio Show

Rochelle was interviewed about Guided Afterlife Connections on Joan Newcomb's Contact Talk Radio show.

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Rochelle's Interview on Dan Hall's Talk Radio Show

Rochelle was interviewed about Guided Afterlife Connections on Dan Hall's Talk Radio show. You can listen to it.

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Rochelle's Interview on Strategies for Living

Rochelle was interviewed about Guided Afterlife Connections on Strategies for Living Radio show. You can listen to it.

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Guided Meditation

Rochelle performed a guided meditation at the 2014 Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. The guided meditation helps people enter into a state of consciousness in which they may have a connection with a deceased love one. She is making the meditation available free to anyone who wants to download it.

The meditation may be freely given to others. Listen to it when you have 45 minutes of free time and can be relaxed, without interruptions, not driving or otherwise doing something that requires your attention. Use headphones.

The music, Angelic Sea, from Creating Healthy Boundaries, was made available by Judith Hancox, MSW, LCSW, BCETS. The music was composed by Munroe DeJohn. The CD and bilateral stimulation was co-produced by Hancox and DeJohn (See www.shiome.com). Voice and creative meditation were written and performed by Rochelle Wright. Production is by R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., for the Center for Spiritual Understanding, an Illinois 501(c)3) nonprofit organization that assists individuals working to help people learn to connect with their deceased loved ones.

Right click on this link to download the recording to your computer. To listen to the meditation without downloading it, put on a set of headphones and left click on this link.










Repair & Reattachment
Grief Therapy

     Repair and Reattachment Grief Therapy includes two essential components to help patients with feelings associated with the loss of a loved one. Therapy includes repairing any unfinished business with the relationship that did not have closure when the person passed and connecting and reattaching to the deceased person in a meaningful and healthy way that is healing.

YouTube Video

A YouTube video featuring Rochelle Wright describes the Guided Afterlife Connections procedure, the effect it has on experiencers, how to contact a trained psychotherapist, and how psychotherapists can arrange for training. People who have experienced the procedure speak about what happened to them during the Guided Afterlife Connection and the effects it had on them.

Watch the video

Psychotherapists Trained in Guided Afterlife Connections

    To see a list of the 31 psychotherapists who have been trained in the Guided Afterlife Connections procedure, click on this link:

Description of Guided
Afterlife Connections

    We now know how to help people have their own afterlife connections with loved ones while they sit quietly, comfortably, and peacefully in an office, a church, or a living room. All the psychotherapist does is help the experiencer come to the frame of mind that will allow the afterlife connection to occur naturally. The psychotherapist doesn't act as a medium and doesn't make the afterlife connection happen.

The afterlife connection goes on between the person and their loved one. They tell the psychotherapist about it as it's happening to them, but the psychotherapist has no influence over what happens. He or she just helps them enter a receptive state, and they close their eyes. They may have an afterlife connection experience. When they open their eyes, they tell the psychotherapist what they just experienced. After renewing their receptive state, they go back to the afterlife connection by closing their eyes. When they open them again, they tell the psychotherapist more about the unfolding afterlife connection. They are having an ongoing experience that they just come out of long enough to describe what's going on and to renew their receptive state.

You can read more about the Guided Afterlife Connections, how the procedure was developed, and an explanation of why we know these are real connections with the afterlife. Read more . . .

Articles about Guided Afterlife Connections

Bilateral Stimulation and Afterlife Connections
by R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.
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Study of the Reduction in Grief from Guided Afterlife Connections
by R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.
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Afterlife Connections Psychotherapy  by R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.
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Guided Afterlife Connections Newsletter

A newsletter about Guided Afterlife Connections is available. Link to the newsletter.



A Guided Afterlife Connections social group has been started. Link to it. We invite you to get onto the page and write comments about anything going on in your life or questions about Guided Afterlife Connections or the afterlife. Rochelle and Craig will monitor it, participate, and answer questions.

Find a Guided Afterlife Connections Psychotherapist

If you are searching for a grief counselor who can do grief therapy, having a Guided Afterlife Connection will do more for you than any standard grief counseling can. There are now trained psychotherapists from all areas of the United States, the U.K., Canada, and Germany. Rochelle is doing Guided Afterlife Connections, but is focusing on training psychotherapists. You may contact her for a referral or for a session at rochelle@rochellewright.com. To locate a trained Guided Afterlife Connections psychotherapist, go to this link:

There isn't a separation between life and death.
Gary's deceased mother in his Guided Afterlife Connection

Training for Psychotherapists

Rochelle is training seasoned, sensitive state-licensed psychotherapists to use the Guided Afterlife Connections procedure. The procedure uses bilateral stimulation, but the psychotherapist does not have to have training in any bilateral stimulation techniques such as EMDR. However, Rochelle welcomes state-licensed psychotherapists trained in EMDR to learn the Guided Afterlife Connections Procedure. To learn more, call her at (253) 851-3498 or send an e-mail to rwmind@msn.com

More information

Something is different in me. I'm alive again. I have a new energy inside of me.
Jourdan after her Guided
Afterlife Connection

Carole's Guided Afterlife Connection

Carole is one of the experiencers. Her daughter, Kate, was killed in a car accident. She had an uplifting Guided Afterlife Connection that had a profound effect on her feelings about Kate's passing. You can view her description of her Guided Afterlife Connection.
Link to the video
Guided Afterlife Connections Book

The book, Guided Afterlife Connections,is now available. The authors are Rochelle Wright, M.S., and R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D. The book contains 26 descriptions of Guided Afterlife Connections people have had and an explanation of the procedure. Reviews of the book are on Amazon.com. You can purchase the book at the Amazon.com.